Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Better than podcast listening!

Podcast listening has risen in popularity. I once heard a podcaster say his audio was four times as popular as his video. In some ways this makes a lot of sense. Listening audio is easy as a passive activity vs. video which requires specific active attention. It's hard to fold put away laundry while watching a video, but it's not hard at all while listening to a sermon.

I have listened to many podcasts and learned a lot. I also don't have a lot to show for them afterwards. The long-term value of listening to a podcast diminishes rather rapidly, even if it's someone giving an excellent exposition of the Word of God.

Contrast this to Bible memory and hiding God's Word in one's heart. The Word does not return void, and that is especially true when one memorizes it and reviews it regularly. The value to me of having God's Word in my heart far surpasses the value of any podcast or episode. I have no fear of missing out (FOMO) when I know the value is far greater.

The great thing about Bible memory, especially review, is that it is generally just as flexible as listening to a podcast, even when speaking out loud. (If one must listen to a podcast with headphones to not disturb others, that circumstance may be the exception, but one can look for other times when that is not a limitation.)

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